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Baumit FixBeton

Easy to use and quick-hardening dry concrete

Premixed dry mortar compliant with DIN 18557. Mixture-free, quick-hardening dry concrete for non-DIN-relevant concrete work Mortar for outdoor use, very simple and reliable to apply.

  • Quick-hardening

  • Very simple to use

  • Mixture-free

If the walls of dug pit are used as the formwork, the walls and the bottom has to be carefully moistened before the start of concreting. Water must be completely absorbed.

25 kg bag
Amount of packaging on pallet:
app. 20kg/m²/cm = 2000 kg for 1 m³ of fresh concrete
app. 12.5l/bag Fresh concrete
Strength category
C16 /20 (> 16 N/mm²)
Water demand
3- 3.5l/25 kg
Grain size
8- 8mm

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